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The New Distracted Driver Warning System

Driving, especially in long distance can be boring and it can make the driver less cautious then the way they supposed to be. A distracted driver that loss focus on the road ahead or perhaps they taken the wrong lane could lead to an accident that not only involve the driver but other car as well. This is why a new safety driving feature was introduced to the market and it called distracted driver warning system.
This system use different kind of method to recognize a distracted driver. Some of them use camera and facial recognition software that will detect any unusual behavior of the driver. Others use different methods such as using specific software that will recognize the driving motions and compare it to the previous smooth operation. When the system recognizes something unusual, it will give a warning to the driver by displaying a coffee mug icon.

This is perfect for those who tend to distracted along the journey and also for long distance drivers that may feel tired after hours driving the car. It will eliminate or at least reduce the chance of an involving in an accident that caused by tiredness or because of any other distraction that can happen along the journey.

The New Electrical System from Audi

Electrical system is a complex system in a car that allowed the car to move around. Audi has introduced a new electrical system where they upgrade their old 12 volts system to a higher 48 volts system. The main purpose of this upgrade is to increase the power and the efficiency of the car. This is also a proof that Audi has taken more steps to integrate new automotive technologies on their car.

The 48 volts Audi electrical system works solemnly based on the engine load. It means that this system will improve the acceleration performance and to make up a better convenience dynamic chassis control. This new technology is the solution of the problem that they come up with, where a 12 volt system is no longer capable of meeting the demands of new car system.

This new system offer so many new things including the capability of delivering bigger power, new storage system, and it also means that it only need smaller cable cross section that use lighter cable. This new concept also allows Audi to play in application. It open up different ways to controlling, starting and also deactivating the combustion engine as needed and soon Audi will unveiling those applications to the public.

Light Weight Concept for Fuel Saving by Ford

Ford is a popular car manufacture that always tries to come up with new design to make their car look sleeker and also fuel efficient. There are many ways to make a fuel efficient car and most manufacture concentrate on the engines. But, the research show that engines are not the only one who affect car fuel efficiency level, because the total weight of the car also affect it the same way.

That is why Ford looking for a new way to shed some pounds on their car and the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150 will use aluminum body, that successfully make their car lighter. But now Ford has a new light weight concept that uses advanced materials that will make their car even lighter than before.

This new concept will use the combination of several materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and also ultra high strength steel. Ford called this new concept as Holistic Approach that will reduce the weight on the body, chassis, and power train and also in the car interior. The final result is a much lighter car that will make the car even more fuel efficient but still it will be way too costly, at least for now.