Things that Affect Tire Life

tire life pattern, tire maintenance
There are so many things that could affect tire life and every car owner need to understand it, so they can decide when is the best time to change their tire. Here are some of things that can affect the lifespan of a tire:

  •    The quality of the tire. A better quality tire will last longer than the low quality tire
  •     The type of tire. The performance tire tend to wear faster than the tires with less rolling   resistance, which means that it has sort tire life.
  • The way people drive it. Those who drive their car in a nice way and steady speed can   expect their tire to last longer than those who keep riding it in such a high speed.
  •   People who don’t or seldom rotating their tires will have problem with accelerated wear   tire especially the front tires that carry most of the vehicle’s weight.
 The common guidelines stated that change their tire every 50,000 miles. But that is a rough count of tire life. What people need to do is to check on their tire regularly and buy the right type of tire in the first place, based on the type of car they use and the kind of driving style that people have.

Proper Way to Check Car Tires

People can prevent themselves have to deal with inflated tires while they were on their way if they spend time to check car tires before going out. Inflated tires are a dangerous business, because it can risk people life. That is why people need to check on their tires before going out especially when they plan to make a long journey.

First of all, people need to know the proper inflation level of their car tires. This information can be found on the sticker that located in the driver side doorjamb. The same information can be found in the car manual book where it displays the information of the tire and the vehicle weight information. People can use this information before they take time to check car tires.

People can judge the tires inflation using specific tire pressure gauge. This is a must have equipment for every car owner. People can check car tires using this tool to get the exact pounds per square inch reading. There are three type of tire pressure gauge to choose, from the digital type, internal slide type and dial type. Each type will do well for checking the tires inflation. It will take only several minutes to do it in the morning and this simple thing can prevent people from major disaster.

The Right Time to Change Brake Fluid

Some people may wonder on when is the best time to change the brake fluid on their car? 
It all depends on the car manufacturer recommendation. 

Different car manufacturer has different opinion on this matter where some recommend it to be replace every 2 or 3 years or after it reach certain mileages, while other manufactures stated that their car can go much longer without have to replace it.

The best thing to do is to check on the manufacture guides. It will be wise to follow the guidance from the people who actually build the car. Car owner could also discuss it with their mechanic to decide when will be the best time to change brake fluid. It could be every 2 or 3 year just like what the car manufacturer suggest or people can wait for four to five years.

No matter when people change their car brake fluid, they must change it with the type that was recommended by the car manufacture, be it the DOT 3 fluid, DOT 5 fluids or other variety of fluid. Changing the fluid on time will help to keep the brake system in shape and prevent any corrosion that could lead to the decline of braking effectiveness.