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Nokia Prepares the New Smart Technology for Cars

Stockholm, Nokia demonstrated its seriousness to expand its business into the automotive world. This time, the Finnish company set a fresh set 100 million U.S. dollars, to develop new smart technology for cars . 
This effort follows the steps as billionaire Elon Musk and Google Inc., which predicts the vehicle will be more intelligent and connected in the future . Investment funds will be obtained from the subsidiary, Nokia Growth Partners , which manages assets of companies valued at 700 million U.S. dollars . This announcement will be made at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) . 
Nokia seeks to develop its business after mobile phone division was sold to Microsoft Corporation that valued at 7.5 billion U.S. dollars in April. Now , Nokia relied on a wireless network division to make a profit , through its subsidiary , Espoo , which is also based in Finland . The company tried to find a new plan in order to compete with rivals such as Google . 
"There is a growing innovation ecosystems across the automotive , combines internet technology and  mobility, " said Paul Asel , Nokia Growth Partners executives, reported by Bloomberg (05/05/2014).  
Nokia's first step in the automotive world began when the company bought the map provider , Navteq Corporation , Chicago , 2008, valued at 8.1 billion dollars . In 2012 , Nokia also acquire a three-dimensional map technology provider , Earthmine . 
Now, Nokia has been marketing Here Maps application, the maps accurately known and had excess can be accessed offline, without an Internet connection . Nokia also started to provide the map data for Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Yahoo! . In fact , the existing navigation system on any vehicle this time was supplied from Nokia with a comparison of four of the five new vehicles .

Volkswagen Group Contributes the Eco-Friendly Car

Berlin - Volkswagen Group still pursue his ambition to be the world's biggest car manufacturer , to compete with Toyota and General Motors . This time , this German giant is planning to manufacture car with plug-in hybrid technology in collaboration with local partners . Internal company sources said there is great potential to make environmentally friendly cars following the government's efforts to cope the poor levels of pollution that hit several regions in China .
In addition , this program contributes to the eco-friendly car that was launched by the local government . Reportedly , VW will announce his plans at the Beijing Auto Show , mid- April 2014 . The announcement , in the form of plans to produce plug -in hybrid car with First Automotive Works ( FAW ) , will most likely utilize the factory in Foshan , South China . Chinese premier , Li Keqiang said, last month the central government declared war against air pollution , and increase the level of the country's economy began to shift to heavy industry base .

The central government has also announced a 10 billion yuan to provide funding for this change and for the reduction of energy consumption, while reducing consumption of conventional fuels , including coal and petroleum . The plan is arguably a bit late to do by VW , because the technology of environmentally friendly cars of other brands already marketed in China . Namely the Daimler and BYD has marketed Denza , while Toyota relying Prius , and Nissan with the Leaf. However , the potential of the Chinese market , which totally one third of the total world market is the main reason. . 

Volvo Use the "Cloud" to Record the Road Condition

Gothenburg,  Volvo joined the Institute of Transportation in Sweden and Norway , to build a " network " of information that is useful for security . When the car hit a potentially harmful road, such as a slick , large holes , or severely damaged , the car will send the data to the cloud and sent to the cars that would pass it .

Of course this is not easy . Cars that were sent the information must also use the same network . Cloud itself is a sort of data storage space that can be accessed anywhere through the Internet .

In more detail , the car will detect the danger of sensors which resulted in a car security system working . For example, slippery road that makes the wheels stabilizing system work . From here the data will be processed and sent immediately to the Cloud .

The processed data can also be sent to the authorities that regulate the highway safety . The information will be sent very quickly and make the workers pay special attention at a dangerous points.

Currently , Volvo is testing this technology to operate 50 car , which is considered to represent the number of function information , and the benchmark also the growth target of this technology in the forward .
source: carscoops.com

The Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport. There is a main factor that makes this segment B compact SUV was coming and began to receive by the market , the need for a car as the urban lifestyle, as a compact vehicle that is practical for urban to get activity .
Graham Pearson , Ford Asia Pacific Vehicle Line Director , said that the growth in B segment vehicles is expected to reach 2 million units by 2015. Even that figure will jump to 8 million units globally until the middle of this decade .
"60-70 percent the growth will come in the Asia Pacific region . And small SUV will contribute the most" said Pearson.
Today more and more people in urban areas need
multifunctional SUV to support their lifestyle, expected for urban, SUV that also have many facilities to facilitate everyday life.
To be presented to the Asia Pacific region, Ford really tight to test the fit with local consumers , although EcoSports predicated as a global car .
" After testing , this vehicle has the right size for consumers in Asia . Flexibility and practicality will be very useful , not only for urban exploring the narrow alleys , but also drove in congestion , " said Pearson .
The test was already done for months to reach 2 million kilometers . Test sites not only in Asia but also in North America , South America , and even Europe .
EcoSport certainly solid and strong, because it has been through the extreme field with temperatures between minus 25 to 50 degrees Celsius, also climbed to 4300 meters above sea level .

Volvo Ready to Introduce the New Concept Coupe

Gothenburg- Swedish manufacturer, Volvo seemed  does not want to stop to provide the new options for automotive enthusiasts around the world.

This time Volvo also showed the latest image, XC Coupe concept car, which is ready to be exhibited at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2014.
New Concept Coupe reportedly will form XC90 XC, and ready for sale by the end of 2014.

Volvo also says the design that given this time would be a benchmark of Volvo design in the future.

Concept XC is the second model from the three study designs that have been planned by Volvo, which is directly handled by the new Volvo design boss, Thomas Ingenlath.

Unfortunately, exactly not yet known what the machine will be inserted. So the lover must be wait patiently.