The Most Unique Car Modification in this World

Modification car contest is always available every year. This year, we can find some unique car that has some different modification. It even becomes so sophisticated and limited. We cannot even use it for our daily activity because we afraid to make the body blister.

The first position is coming from alien car. This car likes the alien because we are difficult to give it good definition. The shape is almost like plane. It has swing but it cannot fly. The second position is car flattened. The car is almost same with the road. We will be higher than this car. The size is only about 19 inch. The third position is coming from monster car that modifying like evil. We will not see a common car anymore. We will just see monster in a road. Wooden car is on the next position. The owner modifies the car totally and makes the body from wood. He changes the exterior and it’s interior too.

Will you modify your car like above? Automotive world will always change and we can find many new things every day. When we follow one new modifying then the other will come too. Be selective of that.

The Most Expensive Antique Car in this World

For you who love to collect some antique car then you should know about it. Antique car is not about old car. It is about taste and no one can know it except them who have the same hobbies. Antique car also available in limited and we will know here. 

1.     Oldsmobile F-88 that produces on 1954. This car is the most expensive antique car. You can find it in some old movies. This only available for about 5 unit around this world. The price is about 42 billion.

2.     Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe that produces in 1931. This car is very unique. The shape is like racing car in F1. This only available in 6 unit. The price is amazing because it offer more than 200 billion.

3.     Camaro that produced on 1969. The model is classic with black color. When you love to follow the race car then camaro will be the first one. The price is about 12 billion.

4.     Ferrari 250 GT spider for 1961. This car is famous with luxury and fast run. Ferrari 250 Gt spider available in 132 billion. You can find it only in 36 limited units.

Antique car is not just about old car but also about taste that cannot modify. This fact give us the reality.

New Look and Features from Mercedes Benz C-Class 2014 C200 Avantgarde

Mercedes Benz compact model has attracted many people attention especially in the last couple of years. The new C-Class also managed to bring people attention thanks to its new look, new opulence and new features that totally speak of a whole new different class of compact sedans.
Some of the new features that this compact sedan has are the 17 inch wheels that give the touch of sporty to the already classic style of C-Class. Then there is also the LED Light Intelligent System of Mercedes Benz that has become the lighting standard for the C200 and C250. The size of the new C-Class itself is slightly larger than its predecessor but it sit around 5 mm lower than before. It looks as big as the Mercedes Benz E-Class that produced two generations ago.

The new C-Class car has a more crisp styling with luxurious interior and it also manage to combine the engine system and transmission perfectly. It makes this car has almost perfect score both on the performance and its appearance, with a slight weakness on the dampers and springs that does not synchronize between each other. Overall, this new model is definitely taking a huge leap from its predecessor. More appealing design and much better quality make this car worth all the attention.