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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, the most Expensive Car in an Auction

Automotive action is an event that attract so many people not only car lovers but also common people. From time to time, there is always something new that people will talk about for some time and for this time, it is about a specific kind of car that become the most expensive car ever sold during an auction. This is the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that was sold on an auction at Bonhams events on Thursday night (14 August 2014) for $38 million.

This car is a favorite among car collectors and there are only 39 cars that ever build. No wonder that it become something that the collectors surely want to get their hands on. The Ferrari GTO is not the only one that was sold in such a fantastic price. Another Ferrari GTO that was build for the famous Stirling Moss was sold for $35 million way back in 2012.

Bonhams also brought up another collectible car in the world including Ferraris but this particular one was definitely the star of the whole show. From the whole collectible Ferraris that Bonhmas brought to this auction, the whole sales profit reach the number of $65.945 million, quite a fantastic number for an auction.

Night Vision Safety Feature in a Car

Each passing year, car manufactures always come up with new idea to applied on their car and this is not only limited to the car design but also the car features such as safety features. With more safety features that installed into a car, the driver will be more protected and they can expect to drive safely along the way.

One of those safety features that already appearing in production car is night vision. Nigh vision is the new car safety feature that use infrared radiation and thermal imaging technology to see things way up ahead, before a normal human eye can detect it. The technology was placed inside a camera that will capture the image of object on the road ahead.

The driver can see the graphic display of what this camera has captured on their mounted screen dashboard, and see if there is any object up ahead. This feature work perfectly at night time to assist the driver from crashing into things that most likely go bump in the night such as animal or pedestrian. With this kind of feature, along with other security features that car manufactures has developed, people can expect to have not only smarter but safer car to drive in the near future.

The Advantage of Manual Transmission

Among new car production, people will find most likely a car with automatic transmission and there are less and less car that still use the old fashioned manual transmission. Why do some people still prefer to use shift stick and not using the automatic one? This is because shift stick does have some advantages that its counterpart doesn’t have and they are:
·       It’s cheaper than its counterpart, the automatic transmission especially in the lower end of the automobile market, means people can save more of their money
·       It is easier to maintain manual transmission compare to its counterparts because it have less complex mechanism, which means there is not many things that can go wrong in the first place.
·       It gives people a better sense of control over their car, for example, the driver will have easier time with braking system
·       It uses engine or gear oil that doesn’t need frequent changes unlike its counterpart that use automatic transmission fluid.
·       Depend on different factors, the drivers who use shift stick can actually increase their fuel economy for 15%

While it is true that it take longer to learn how to drive a shift stick car, some people prefer to use this kind of car transmission other than the automatic one.